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  Qualified Medical Conditions:

Arthritis      Diabetes      Post Stroke      Dementia

Alzheimer’s      High Blood Pressure      Depression      Mental Health

And more

The Eligibility Criteria’s:

• 18 years of age or older (required)

• One or more chronic or post acute medical, cognitive, or mental health condition(s) requiring monitoring, treatment, without which participant's condition will likely deteriorate and require emergency dept. visits and or hospitalization.

• A condition resulting in limitations of 2 or more ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and/or IADL's (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) and a need for assistance or supervision in addition to any non-ADHC support received in the home related to the medical / mental health condition.

• The individual's network of non-ADHC support is insufficient to maintain the individual in the community, demonstrated by at least one of the following.

        • Lives alone without family or caregivers available to provide sufficient and needed care or          supervision

        • Lives with one or more related or unrelated individuals, but they are unwilling or unable to         provide sufficient and needed care and supervision to the individual

        • The individual has family or caregivers available, but those individuals require respite in         order to continue providing sufficient and necessary care or supervision

• A high potential exists for the deterioration of the individual’s medical, cognitive or mental health condition(s) in a manner likely to result in emergency dept. visits, hospitalization if ADHC services are not provided.

• The individual's condition(s) requires all of the ADHC services proposed on each day of attendance that are individualized and designed to maintain the ability of the individual to remain in the community and avoid emergency dept. visits, hospitalization or other institutionalization.

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