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Sunny Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) also known as Sunny Community Based Adult Services (CBAS) is a licensed Medi-Cal certified health facility that treats the health and supportive needs of adults with multiple, chronic conditions in a safe, homelike day setting.

Along with being health-focused. Sunny ADHC is also focused on the Importance of Socialization as a key factor in the holistic approach to healing and caring. Our center provides participants with opportunities to participate in a variety of different individual and group activities.

Our goal at Sunny ADHC is to prevent or delay the placement of individuals in to Skilled nursing homes or Hospitals that are a lot more expensive care facilities. This is done by improving and preserving each individual's physical and mental health, improving their quality of life. Adults with chronic conditions are able to successfully live in the community while a benefit for the caregiver is regular respite from 24-hour Care-Giving responsibility.

Sunny ADHC/CBAS promotes optimal health and mental well-being for the participant, compliance with physician treatment plans, support for the caregiver, in a supportive, enjoyable setting. For more information on All Adult Day Health Care Programs and their benefits to society, visit California Association for Adult Day Services (CAADS)


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